Excavator Buckets

Since 2010, VEE is manufacturing mining buckets for excavators up to 200 Ton class and capacities up to 12 m3. These buckets are employed in very tough work terrains including highly abrasive iron ore, limestone, coal, hard rock, alumina, etc. Buckets are designed and manufactured keeping all OEM parameters in check and ensuring maximum machine efficiency and optimum cycle times.

  • Customized Wear Packages to suit wear patters of each Terrain.
  • Full Hardox options to reduce weight and improve productivity.
  • Improve Bucket life by adding Specialized wear protection kits without increasing bucket weight
  • Error free fitment guarantee

Product Range – 65 ton to 200 Ton
CK300, ZX650, PC800,EC800, BE1000, EX1200, PC1250, EX1900, PC2000