Mining Bucket

Mining Buckets are made to withstand extreme abrasion in the toughest mining applications. Buckets are manufactured with Abrasion and impact resistant steel which makes them highly durable and improves productivity. Buckets last longer and maintain their original shape. Customized Wear packages for different applications and terrains of hard rock, Iron Ore and Coal.

  • Customized/Tailored Wear Protection Package.
  • Reduced cost of ownership.
  • Increased Machine Availability by reducing maintenance downtime.
  • Optimized payload against Material Density
  • Light Weight buckets for higher production.
  • Custom designed to meet specific Applications.
  • Continuously improved based on site/customer feedback
  • Hinges and Tip angles and radius are maintained to ensure optimized bucket usage.

In-house R&D facility is continuously working to improve product longevity by optimizing improved design, Material Research, Testing, Innovation and total quality control measures.

Product Range – 65 ton to 200 Ton
(CK300, ZX650, PC800, BE1000, EX1200, PC1250, EX1900, PC2000)