Shovel (Bottom Dump) Buckets

VEE manufactures reliable face shovel front buckets and back doors for very demanding mines. They are supplied as an assembly or either part as stand alone.

The bucket optimised to achieve high fill factor, and short fill and dump cycle times to let the mines move maximum tons per hour at the lowest cost. The bucket is manufactured using high quality components with customised wear package.

  • Improved fabricated hinge design with special grade steel for optimal strength-to-weight ratio
  • Simplified structure to reduce maintenance
  • Hard Steel liner and casted wear parts protect high wear areas for extended bucket life.
  • High Quality Hydraulic Cylinders
  • Error free fitment and operational guarantee

Product Range – 65 ton to 200 Ton
CK300, ZX650, BE1000, EX1200, PC1250, EX1900, PC2000