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Trapezoidal Trench Buckets


Why are Trapezoidal Buckets used?
Trapezoidal Buckets, also known as V-ditch buckets, are most commonly used for any construction work that involves ditches, pipe laying and any drainage work. Going into more detail about why Trapezoidal Buckets are used, they are perfect for pipe laying and digging ditches, due to the unique shape of the bucket. The shape allows the operator to dig an identical ditch all the way along. All of our Masterhitch Trapezoidal buckets conform and comply with recommended drainage ditch dimension, which gives you peace of mind that all of our buckets are made to the right specifications, and are manufactured to the highest standard possible by our specialist engineers.

Trapezoidal buckets are also great for trenches and waterways, the streamline profile of the excavator attachment ensures that the walls being dug are cleanly carved.