About VEE

The Business achieves its success through the combination of a highly skilled and committed team of employees, as well as the utilization of technology.


At our company, we adhere to a policy that prioritizes the manufacture of products that offer exceptional value, achieved through maintaining high levels of quality, ensuring timely delivery, and cost-effectiveness, ultimately resulting in customer satisfaction. We continually strive to improve our products and consistent efforts are undertaken to enhance their efficiency and reliability.


As a team of skilled experts, we pride ourselves on delivering innovative products to our customers. Our dedicated design team prioritizes customer requirements throughout every stage of the process, while our rigorous quality control procedures ensure the excellence of our products from sourcing raw materials to final inspection. This approach has enabled us to become a renowned organization with distinct manufacturing processes, outstanding product quality, innovative research, and a diligent team of professionals.

Company History

Founded by Mr. Gee Varghese John and headquartered in Visakhapatnam, our group of companies has been serving the Earthmoving Equipment Industry for over forty years. Our journey began in 1979 with M/s. Optima Engineering Works, which initially specialized in repairing Tata Hitachi Heavy Earth Moving Equipment models, including UH083 and UH181.


Throughout the years, the group engaged in producing various parts for equipment used in mining and earthmoving applications.


Having amassed over four decades of experience in fabrication, the company has enhanced its capability to fabricate engineered products and has collaborated closely with public sector undertakings (PSUs) in the mining space and corporate entities to create domestically-made solutions for buckets and specialized attachments utilized in mining equipment like excavators, shovels, and wheel loaders.

Fostering Success by Empowering individuals

V Engineering Enterprises values the pivotal role played by our team in driving our success. We are committed to continuously enhancing their skills through training and development programs, enabling them to advance to positions of greater responsibility. Our team is comprised of enthusiastic, skilled, and diverse individuals who are passionate about their work. We offer them the opportunity to be part of a dynamic and innovative team, providing meaningful experiences and support that will assist them in building their future.

Working With Values


Our commitment to safety always comes first. At V Engineering Enterprises, safety is the foundation of our business, and we prioritize it above all else. Regardless of urgency or importance, we never compromise on safety. We view safety as a way of life and strive to make it an instinctual choice.


Excellence is a constant pursuit in all of our endeavors. We take pride in delivering products and services that provide exceptional value and meet the highest standards. Our commitment to quality sets us apart and drives our sustainable growth, while ensuring client satisfaction and corporate profitability.


We honour our commitments and uphold our promises. At V Engineering Enterprises, we are unwaveringly devoted to our personnel, clients, and the communities we serve. We remain committed to our values while striving for excellence, and we prioritize the success of our clients, partners, and employees.


At our organization, we place a high value on collaboration, as we believe that working together can make a significant difference. Our team members are a driving force to our achievements, and we understand that treating each other with respect and upholding integrity and commitment in all our interactions is essential.