Dual Side Dump

The bucket, which is also referred to as a 3-way dump bucket, can be easily configured to dump to either the left or right by switching a locking pin and repositioning the hydraulic cylinder to a different slot. This bucket can also be utilized for forward dumping similar to that of regular buckets.

  • Accurate placement of material
  • Optimum to work in congested city traffic
  • Easily handle material on highway construction sites, trenches and roadways without obstructing traffic
  • Contains a cushioning cylinder slowing movement and both end of strokes.
  • Lateral unloading of materials, both while stationary and on the move.
  • Hard steel construction to reduce weight
  • Lesser manoeuvring and hence faster cycle time will reduce fuel cost and improve productivity.
  • Can be designed and manufactured for all models of wheel loaders and Backhoe Loaders.
  • Auxiliary hydraulic port in the wheel loader is used for operating the side dumping cylinder.